I offer professional creative services in the following areas:

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Strategic Design + Planning

In an ever-changing world with increasingly complex challenges, we can seldom afford not to be creative when it comes to addressing them. Drawing from strategic design and change management methods, my work applies a creative, cross-disciplinary design lens to untangle some of these thorny issues within communities and organizations.

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Service Design + User Experience

Products aren’t the only things that need design work. By taking a user-centered approach, service design looks at how to develop and improve the interactions of those who ultimately engage with a service. My practice is rooted in co-designing with key stakeholders and end-users to arrive at optimal solutions for all those involved.

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Design Facilitation + Community Engagement

One of my favorite things about design work is when I get to collaborate with other people to arrive at innovative and strategic solutions that none of us would have been able to create on our own. Through active design facilitation workshops and/or hands-on coaching sessions, we’ll break through “the usual way” of doing things, using a Design-based approach to discover, define, and develop viable ideas.

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Graphic + Web Design

As a graphic and web designer, I create high quality and impactful visuals targeted specifically to your audience. My work encompasses both print and digital forms of marketing collateral (handouts, posters, ads, emails), identity and branding (logos, style sheets, branded collateral), and publication designs (annual reports, programs, menus). In addition, I am versed in both HTML and CSS coding. I have built web sites using WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix, and I also manage several web sites, updating content on a regular basis.

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Marketing + Brand Storytelling

A brand is more than just a logo and a color scheme. It is a powerful reflection of your business that sets you apart. From writing and and implementing marketing plans, to coordinating advertising and social media campaigns, I combine traditional mass communication methods with a personal, grassroots approach, all the while incorporating the latest technologies and media to tell your brand’s story.