My name is Kelsye, and I am a strategic designer working at the intersection of community, creativity, and change. Building on my experience in graphic design and communications, as well as my studies in nonprofit management and organizational development, I use a creative, cross-disciplinary design lens to address challenges within communities and organizations.

Areas of Expertise:


mock- business case illustration
Graphic Facilitation: The Power of Pen (and Practice)
Exploring graphic facilitation as a means to productively engage groups in their work...
Beyond the Lab: Case Studies on Instilling Innovation into Nonprofit Arts Organizational Culture
Thesis: Beyond the Lab
How can nonprofits embed an innovative mindset and culture of adaptive change within their organizations? Three case studies...
Efficient Innovation: An oxymoron?
Is it possible to be efficient and productive when it comes to innovation and creativity? What is the ROI of free time to play?

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