PXL Wrap-Around Experience

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  • Patient Experience Lab Health Ecosystem

    A visual representation of the nine sectors that are critical for transforming the health landscape. In designing the PXL engagements during BIF's 2017 Summit, I drew from this ecosystem map as a way to encourage cross-sector collaboration.

  • One of the Mad Libs that I created for PXL dinner attendees

  • Open Source Market Place during the PXL post-conference workshop

  • The PXL Health Ecosystem survey was a way to visualize the sectors represented at the workshop and who they were collaborating with.

  • An analogue wall of tweets following the workshop for participants to reflect individually and share back their insights.

While working with the Patient Experience Lab (PXL) at the Business Innovation Factory, I was tasked with designing and facilitating the “wrap-around experience” for the PXL attendees at the 2017 BIF Summit. This consisted of a fun and inviting engagement during the initial welcome-dinner (a health-care related Mad Libs), as well as a 3-hour workshop following the conference, which included an Open Space session for participants to discuss ideas and questions of their choosing in light of the conference.