Citizenship and Financial Empowerment

  • One of my team's initial concepts, and the one we pursued further

  • Feedback on our design from a prototyping session

  • Resulting prototypes for our financial comic book series

  • Financial comic book prototype close-up

  • Facilitator guides to accompany the financial comic book series

  • Final workbook for the NYCitizenship pilot

  • Final workbook for the NYCitizenship pilot

  • Service blueprint for the NYCitizenship pilot

How can financial empowerment services be effectively integrated into the NYCitizenship program? Using a service design methodology, my Transdisciplinary Design studio classmates and I developed a number of ideas to address this challenge. Following our class, I had the opportunity to continue working on some of our ideas through an internship with DESIS Lab whereby we refined our prototypes into a pilot program that was launched and tested in New York City’s public library systems. In addition to the libraries, project partners also included the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and Citi Community Development. My involvement with this project included design research, ideation, content development and design, prototyping, project management, and evaluation.